KISHORE GROUP set up its first manufacturing unit in Mumbai in 1959, and the legacy continues…

At KISHORE GROUP, we are dedicated to manufacture the highest and finest quality of Pharmaceutical Packaging Products by attaining nearly Zero Defects across our manufacturing locations situated at Mumbai | Thane | Bengaluru.

Our Products are manufactured in a State – Of – The – Art facilities using modern and latest machines with utmost precision in a clean atmosphere, giving special emphasis on Quality at each and every stage of manufacturing complying with cGMP Standards.

Visual Inspections are carried in a fully controlled and air-conditioned environment using sophisticated online / offline camera inspection systems with minimal human interference with the product. This ensures the finest quality of our products by achieving nearly Zero Defects throughout the process.

We have a dedicated in-house facility for Ceramic Printing of Ampoules and Vials which are carried out on high speed machines ensuring the finest and most precise Pre-Printed Ampoules and Vials.

For manufacturing of Ampoules and Vials a continuous flow and consistent pressure of Piped Natural Gas (PNG) along with an In-house Oxygen Tank is installed to avoid any breakdowns and to keep rigid dimensional control of our products.

Keeping in pace with the growing demand of International Quality Standards, we at Kishore Group have our dedicated in-house Quality Control and Assurance Department. Our highly experienced and skilled workforce ensure that every product dispatched is flawless.

Since Primary and Secondary Packaging needs to comply with a lot of standards and regulations, we extend full support to our business partners with all the requested documentations for quick registration and approval of their products for the Regulatory and Non - Regulatory Markets.

We are passionate about our work and are proud to be a part of the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Industry by manufacturing Drug preserving containers to package Life Saving Drugs.